Thursday, January 9, 2014

DLGF Publishes 2014 Data Submission Calendar


TO:                 County Assessors, Auditors, and Vendors

FROM:           Micah G. Vincent, Commissioner

SUBJECT:      2014 Data Submission Calendar

DATE:            January 9, 2014

On-time property tax bills are a top priority for the Department of Local Government Finance (“Department”). To reach this goal, assessors and auditors should keep in mind key dates for 2014. The attached data submissions calendar notes these dates that affect deadlines for both 2013-pay-2014 and 2014-pay-2015 data submissions.

If you have any questions about the data submission calendar, please contact your designated Data Analysis representative or Megan McDermott, Assistant Director of Data Analysis, at

2014 Data Submission Dates

Dates may change by action of the 2014 General Assembly.

February 28                 Deadline for submission of indebtedness information in Gateway Debt Management; listing for each local taxing unit of any outstanding bonds, leases, or other loans.  IC 5-1-18-9.

March 17                     Deadline for submission of Auditors’ tax billing data (TAXDATA, ADJMENTS) for 2013-pay-2014 taxes.  IC 36-2-9-20.

April 1                         Deadline for submission of Assessor’s annually assessed mobile home file (MOBILE, APPEALMH) for calendar year 2014 (affects 2014-pay-2014 tax year).

March 31                     Deadline for submission of Assessors’ sales disclosure data (SALEDISC, SALECONTAC, SALEPARCEL) for calendar year 2013 sales and calendar year sales before March 1 (affects 2014-pay-2015 tax year).  IC 6-1.1-5.5-3; 50 IAC 27-9-1(a).

September 30               Deadline for submission of Assessors’ real property data (PARCEL, LAND, IMPROVE, DWELLING, BUILDING, BLDDTL, APPEAL) for the 2014-pay-2015 tax year.  IC 6-1.1-4-25(b); 50 IAC 27-9-1(b).

September 30               Deadline for submission of Assessors’ personal property data (PERSPROP, POOLDATA, APPEALPP, OILGAS, OILGASALL) for the 2014-pay-2015 tax year.  IC 6-1.1-4-25(b); 50 IAC 27-9-1(b).