Monday, January 6, 2014

DLGF Publishes Reporting Requirements for Solid Waste Management Districts

TO:         Solid Waste Management Districts
FROM:  Micah G. Vincent, Commissioner
RE:          Reporting Requirement for Solid Waste Management Districts
DATE:    January 3, 2013
The Department of Local Government Finance (“Department”) utilized Gateway for the Senate Bill 131 Report for Solid Waste Management Districts in 2013. This application allows solid waste management districts to file reports to the Department as required by IC 13-21-3-13.5.
Solid waste management districts have until February 28, 2014 to complete the report. Units are required to input the requested financial and programmatic information into the application, upload any necessary supporting documentation, and submit the report through Gateway, which can be accessed at
District officials will access this Gateway application using the same username and password used to access the other Gateway applications. For new user requests or other account requests, please contact Only one individual – either the director or the controller– may have submission rights. Multiple individuals may have editing rights, but new editors must complete a “Limited Delegation of Authority Form” that is signed by either the director or the controller and can be found at
The Department has prepared a user guide that provides solid waste management districts with step-by-step instructions on completing this reporting requirement through Gateway. This document is available at
The report has changed slightly since the previous year and now allows district officials to enter detailed revenues by fund. Officials can rollover the revenue codes from the 2014 Budget application or select them from a standardized list.
SEA 131 also requires a solid waste management district to publish this report on a website maintained either by the district or on the websites maintained by the counties that are members of the district. Districts may use the SB 131 Reporting for SWMD application in Gateway to generate a PDF of the district’s completed report and post this document to the appropriate website(s).
Any questions concerning the completion or submission of this report through Gateway may be directed to Ryan Burke at (317) 234-7987 or