Thursday, January 16, 2014

WVUT Reports that Knox County Settles with Coonrod


Indianapolis Public Accountant Curt Coonrod has agreed to a settlement with Knox County for work he claims to have performed on behalf of county officials.

    Attorney Carrie Currier informed members of the Knox County Council last night that Coonrod has agreed to accept the county’s offer of $100,000.

    Newly elected Council President Randy Crismore for one is glad to have the matter behind them.
Crismore says he never doubted Coonrod’s ability to crunch numbers.

   Coonrod had threatened legal action against the county if he wasn’t paid the $324,000 he claims he was owed.

   The Commissioners had initially balked at paying Coonrod until he produced proof of just exactly what the county was being billed for.

    Back in August, Council members voted to suspend using Coonrod’s firm for any additional work.
As part of the settlement, the county will pay Coonrod $37,000, while the Knox County Redevelopment Commission will put up the other $63,000 for work Coonrod claimed to have performed on their behalf.