Wednesday, June 25, 2014

DLGF Announces 2014 Pay 2015 CNAV Application Launched


TO:                         All County Auditors

FROM:                  Matthew Parkinson, Director of Data Analysis

SUBJECT:             2014 Pay 2015 CNAV Application Launched

DATE:                    June 24, 2014

The Department of Local Government Finance (“Department”) recently released the 2014 Pay 2015 Certified Net Assessed Values (CNAV) portion of the Budgets application of Indiana Gateway for Government Units (“Gateway”). The CNAV tool remains unchanged from the 2014 version, other than minor updates to dates. The application can be found under the heading “County Specific Functions” after clicking on the Budgets icon and selecting a county unit in Gateway.

As has been the case in prior years, IC 6-1.1-17-1 states that county auditors are required to certify 2014 pay 2015 net assessed values and estimates of miscellaneous revenues with units and with the Department by August 1, 2014.

Questions may be directed to Director of Data Analysis Matthew Parkinson at (317) 232-3759, or to the Gateway support staff at