Friday, June 20, 2014

Trib-Star Reports Rift Widens Over TIF/Terre Haute City Payroll

From the Terre Haute Tribune Star:

City officials transferred $600,000 from a Department of Redevelopment bank account to “City of Terre Haute Payroll” on May 15, one day before a Friday payday, according to documents obtained by the Tribune-Star on Wednesday.

On May 21, Leslie Ellis, city controller, said money from the Redevelopment Commission was not used to meet the city’s payroll.

Ellis said on Wednesday night she misunderstood a Tribune-Star question in May about the money and further defended its use as appropriate and legal under Indiana law. Cliff Lambert, executive director of the Department of Redevelopment, said, after a Redevelopment meeting on Wednesday, that the city’s actions were illegal.