Monday, June 23, 2014

News and Tribune Reports Clark County Residents to Receive Assessment Forms Soon

From the Clark County News and Tribune:

Notices of assessment have been mailed to Clark County property owners, and appeals of new assessments must be filed by Aug. 4.

The assessments are effective March 1, 2014.

If a property owner doesn’t agree with an assessment action, an appeal can be initiated to challenge that action if the owner files a notice to review in writing with the township assessor or county assessor. The written notice to review should include the name of the taxpayer, the address of the property, the key number or the parcel number of the property, the address of the taxpayer (if different from the property being assessed) and the telephone number of the taxpayer.

The taxpayer may use a Form 130-Short to file this appeal. This form is available from the assessor’s office or online at

Property owners are encouraged to review property cards to ensure accuracy. Property cards can be viewed at or

Property owners cannot appeal assessments from the tax bill that will be issued in spring 2015.