Monday, June 30, 2014

Times Reports Reassessment Teams Hit the Streets this Week

From the Northwest Indiana Times:

Indiana begins sending out field examiners Tuesday to reassess property for taxing purposes.
"We will have two teams of two in the area. They will have orange vests on, they will have their ID tags on. They will knock on the door, identify themselves and then they will do an exterior review. They will walk around if there are no fences," said Kristie Dressel, Center Township assessor.
"We really don't want to disturb the homeowner, but if we feel we need to get interior, we leave a note with our name and number and they can call us to set up an appointment to see whether the basement  or attic is finished or not.
"Homeowners don't have to, they have every right to deny us access. We are just trying to make sure we have fair and correct assessments that they are not being overassessed or underassessed," she said.
In the past, reassessments involved an inspection of every parcel in the state and an interval of four or more years could separate one from the next.
But starting this year, it will become a continual, rolling process with local assessors inspecting one quarter of the county's 247,000 parcels each year over a four-year cycle.