Friday, February 28, 2014

Times Herald Reports Daviess County Residents Can Learn About Property Taxes

From the Washington Times Herald:

Area residents will have an opportunity to learn about the personal property tax with Prof. Larry DeBoer from Purdue University. DeBoer will discuss the tax via video streaming. The free program can be viewed from multiple locations across the state on March 7 and can be viewed from the comfort of home as well.

Locally, the program can be viewed at the Daviess County Security Center from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m.

“Governor Pence has proposed a $1 billion change in local finances with the elimination of the tax on personal property,” said DeBoer. “The intent is to reduce the tax burden on business investment, and encourage firms to locate and expand in Indiana.”

DeBoer said that eliminating the tax would result in a shift to other taxpayers, including homeowners, and would also cause loss of revenue for local government services.

During the program, DeBoer will discuss the issue as well as provide research on the effect of taxes and public services on economic development, the reason for tax shifts to other taxpayers, the size and locations of revenue losses, and some of the alternate proposals for partial elimination of personal property taxes.

The possible discontinuation of the tax has been a hot topic with mayors and other officials across the state. At the Washington city council meeting Monday, a resolution was passed stating the city was in opposition of the elimination of the tax. Mayor Joe Wellman said that the Washington Community School Board had also motioned to oppose the bills that would force government agencies, including schools, libraries and other city and county services to be further reduced.

Wellman said that what is so frustrating about the situation is that Indiana currently ranks near the top of the most business friendly states.

City Councilman Eric Bassler said he has attended several of the On Local Government programs.

“These are exceptional programs full of valuable information,” said Bassler. “There’s also an opportunity for participants to ask Dr. DeBoer questions, which makes it very interactive. I’d highly recommend the program to anyone who is even remotely interested in local government.”

While the program is free, those wishing to participate should register by going to, select Local Government Finance and Budgeting page and click on the link to register or contact Cindy Barber with Daviess County Extension at 254-1060 Ext. 279 or before March 5.