Thursday, February 27, 2014

Trib-Star Reports Vigo County Sets Up On-Line Payment System for Property Taxes

From the Terre Haute Tribune Star:

Vigo County Treasurer’s office is creating a new website that will allow Vigo County taxpayers more options to pay county property taxes online.

“It will not be ready for the spring payments in May, but should ready by the fall,” said Treasurer Jim Bramble.

“You will still be able to mail your payments in, but this will provide more options to pay bills online at home, whether with a credit card, a debit card or by e-check,” Bramble said.

The county’s previous service took credit cards only. The new system also will provide up-to -date tax data, Bramble said.

“The previous company had information that was updated periodically and was not live. Sometimes we ran into a problem where a mortgage company paid the taxes, but then that was not showing up” on tax information, Bramble said.

The new system will also people pay online during a county tax sale, the treasurer said. Parke County uses the same system, the treasurer said.

The Vigo County Board of Commissioners on Tuesday approved a three-year renewable contract with Thomson Reuters for the service. Last week, the Vigo County Council approved $21,200 to get the system operational. That cost includes $10,600 for software and hardware and $10,600 for annual maintenance of the system.