Monday, February 10, 2014

Herald-Bulletin Reports Missed DLGF Deadline Costing Anderson Thousands

From the Anderson Herald-Bulletin:

By missing a state-imposed budget deadline by 24 hours, the city of Anderson lost $33,730 per hour in trying to get a tax levy for 2014.
The Anderson City Council failed to conduct a public hearing on the city’s proposed 2014 budget on Sept. 12, as required by the Indiana State Board of Accounts. The public hearing was advertised on Sept. 14 for a hearing on Sept. 26.
Both the administration of Kevin Smith and Council President Pam Jones met Thursday to make sure a similar problem doesn’t happen in the future.
As expected by Jason Fenwick, Anderson City Controller, the city’s budget was approved at the 2013 level by the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance.
Budgets for the city’s general, bond, police and fire pension and local road and street funds were set at the 2013 level instead of the proposed 2014 levels. The DLGF wrote that the reason was because the budget was not properly advertised.
Anderson has decided not to appeal the DLGF decision by the Monday deadline.