Thursday, July 10, 2014

DLGF Publishes Assessed Valuation Growth Quotient

Please find attached the county assessed value growth quotients for Pay 2015. These quotients will be used in the preparation of the County Council Review Form on Gateway. Gateway has been updated to include this information.

Please note that the last page of these calculation contains a calculation of the statewide assessed value growth quotient. This information is provided for comparative purposes only. County-level personal income estimates are not published on the same schedule as state-level personal income estimates. Therefore, the numbers presented on the statewide calculation are not comparable to the assessed value growth quotient for property tax levies due and payable in 2015. The statewide computation shown in the attached files and the computation of the assessed value growth quotient for 2015 are not based on the same years.

The statewide assessed value growth quotient for 2015 is 2.7% as previously released