Monday, July 21, 2014

Times Reports Hobart Approves Tax Abatements for Two Buildings

From the Northwest Indiana Times:

Real estate tax abatement requests for two buildings proposed for the NorthWind Crossings development received final approval from the City Council Wednesday.
One of the buildings will be an 18,000-square-foot facility for a Sunbelt Rentals location, said Paul Thurston, of Becknell Industrial, the developer of NorthWind Crossings.
About 45 construction jobs would be needed for the building. There would be 14 new full-time jobs established for operations of the business after the structure is built.
The other building planned for NorthWind Crossings would be a new 163,000-square-foot facility that could house two to three tenants.
Thurston said no tenants have been identified yet for that building, which would cost about $7.5 million.
NorthWind Crossings is located east of Mississippi Street and near Interstate 65.