Thursday, July 24, 2014

DLGF Publishes Guidance on 2015 Budget School Information

2015 Budget School Information for Review Purposes

Please mail this completed form and the requested information to your Field Representative within two days after the adoption meeting.

School Name: County:
Contact Person: Title:
Telephone: Fax:
Mailing Address: Email:

I. Excessive levy appeal for increased transportation costs– must be filed directly with the Indianapolis office of the Department of Local Government Finance. Last date to file is Oct. 20, 2014.

II. Budget Forms – Must be submitted via Gateway for 2014 pay 2015
( ) Prescribed Budget Forms 1, 2, and 4B for each fund, plus forms 3, 4, and 4A
( ) Current Year Financial Worksheet (formerly line 2 Worksheet)
__ include a copy of any appropriation reduction resolution, if applicable
( ) Debt Service Worksheet(s)
( ) Proofs of Publication
__ Budget Hearing/Adoption __ CPF Hearing (if published separate)
__ CPF Notice of Adoption __ Bus Replacement Plan Hearing (if published separate)

Forms – Need to be submitted via U.S. mail
( ) Encumbrance information from 2013 (re: part of Form 9 for July – Dec. 2013)
( ) DOE Form 9 for July – Dec 2013
( ) DOE Form 9 for Jan – June 2014

Additional information required to be mailed
( ) 2015 CPF Plan, which shall include
__ Summary page for the CPF Plan __ Notice of Adoption (originals)
__ Resolution adopting the Plan __ Certificate of No Remonstrance from County Auditor
 ( ) 2015 Bus Replacement Plan
__ Enclose all sections (1, 2,& 3 of the Plan) __ Resolution adopting the Plan
( ) Amortization and/or lease rental schedules, plus lease rental affidavits
 ( ) Actual temporary loan interest for the last half of the current year
 ( ) Unreimbursed textbooks amount with supplemental report if higher than certified by DOE

III. Neutrality resolution for Pension debt, if applicable

IV. Neutrality resolution exercising the option for reduced pension debt neutrality for 2015

VI. Copy of School Board Resolution requesting fixed rate, cap, levy, combination fixed rate, etc. (if applicable)

VII. If you expect CPF budget cuts, please submit a priority cut list

VIII. If you have new debt, please include newspaper affidavit of Notice/Intent to Incur Debt, Resolution to Incur Debt and Final Amortization Schedule. These can be uploaded directly into the Debt Management application of Gateway

IX. Statement of proposed levies and rates submitted to the county auditor no later than September 1.

X. Other information the Department needs to prepare preliminary budget (ie: Debt restructuring, Petition for an adjustment to the Bus Replacement levy, etc)

XI. Approving Order from the Department for circuit breaker re-allocation (if applicable) plus worksheets detailing re-allocation, transfers needed and line 7 calculations.

XII. Approving Order from the Department for exemption from protected taxes (if applicable) plus worksheets detailing transfers needed and line 7 calculations.