Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Herald-Bulletin Reports Anderson Schools Approve 2014 Budget

From the Anderson Herald-Bulletin:

The Anderson Community Schools board approved the annual budget, recognized student heroes and discussed revisions to bylaws and policies during its monthly meeting Tuesday evening.
With factors like steadying enrollment and a slight tax rate increase after a previous year drop, Chief Financial Officer Kevin Brown said during last month's meeting, ACS can expect a nearly $1 million surplus in 2014.
ACS is predicting a revenue of $73 million and expense of $72 million in 2014, with a cash balance of nearly $12 million that includes carryover from previous years to be used in unforeseen expenses or shortfalls, Brown added.
ACS receives roughly $6,500 per student from the state and is looking at an enrollment of about 6,900 this year, a slight increase from last that has led to the reopening of schools and addition of classrooms in Anderson High School and Highland Middle School.
Chief Operations Officer Joe Cronk told the crowd of about 25 in Anderson High School's auditorium that Anderson High added computer labs, a Family and Consumer Sciences Lab and three classrooms while Highland added two classrooms.