Thursday, September 12, 2013

News-Sentinel Reports Midwest Tile and Concrete Seeks Tax Phase-In for Expansion in Woodburn

From the Fort Wayne News-Sentinel:

A $2.3 million expansion will create 10 jobs at Midwest Tile and Concrete Products in Woodburn.

According to an application for a tax “phase in” filed with the Allen County Department of Planning Services, the company will invest $800,000 in new cranes and other equipment and another $1.5 million to improve its facility at 4309 Webster Road. If approved by County Council later this month, the phase in – formerly called an abatement – would reduce the company's taxes on the improvements by nearly $90,000 over five years.

The company has about 39 employees and a payroll of about $1.45 million. The annual salaries of the new jobs would average $25,000-$34,000 and represent total annual salaries of about $293,000.