Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Times Reports Merrillville to sell property in auction

From the Northwest Indiana Times:
Surplus town-owned properties will be sold through an auction.
The Merrillville Town Council decided to pursue that option following a recommendation from Town Attorney John Bushemi.
Merrillville officials have identified 34 parcels, which include several parks that aren't used, that can be sold.
Bushemi said an auction has multiple advantages over accepting sealed bids for the properties, including generating increased interest through advertising and reaching more potential buyers.
Rick Niemeyer Auction Service will conduct the auction and receive 5 percent of the gross sale proceeds, Bushemi said.
The council will have a public hearing about the matter Tuesday before selecting the date and location of the auction.
Town Councilman Tom Goralczyk said Merrillville might want to withdraw some properties on the list because they could be used for stormwater retention.
Bushemi said there have been two appraisals for each parcel that could be sold. State law requires the town to sell the properties at no less than 90 percent of the average of the two appraised values, he said.
In addition to funds received for the properties, Merrillville would benefit from selling the land because the town wouldn't have to maintain the property any longer and the properties would go back on the tax roll, Clerk-Treasurer Eugene Guernsey said.