Monday, July 7, 2014

Herald-Bulletin Reports Madison County Collects $64 in Property Taxes

From the Anderson Herald-Bulletin:

The Madison County treasurer’s office took in more than $64 million in tax collections this spring.

The treasurer’s office collected $51.2 million in property taxes, delinquent taxes, penalties and interest, Chief Deputy Rick Brown said.

The office also received $7 million in excise taxes and $1.1 million in other taxes. An additional $5.2 million was collected as the property tax replacement credit.

The treasurer’s office distributed $56.5 million in property taxes to the other taxing units in Madison County.

“It’s gotten better recently,” Treasurer Kelly Gaskill said of the tax collections. “We would like to see it at about 90 percent. We’re close to that number.”

Gaskill said the amount to be collected in property taxes changes during the year because of appeals filed by property owners.

“I like to see how much we collected for the year as compared to the amounts owed after the December tax settlement,” she said. “But the collections are up.”

Brown said, as of Wednesday, a total of 700 properties have been signed up for the monthly property tax collection. To date, the county has collected $2.7 million through the program.

Gaskill started the monthly tax payment program, modeled after a program in Allen County, on Feb. 1.
“We’re thrilled at how many people have signed up,” she said.

The program is administered through an agreement with Star Financial Bank, which accepts the monthly payment on property taxes through an electronic transfer of funds.

Five Indiana counties are accepting monthly payments. Howard County was the second Indiana county to adopt the system in 2011 and is receiving monthly payments on 550 parcels, according to the Howard County treasurer’s office.

There is no charge to taxpayers to be part of the program.