Thursday, September 12, 2013

Palladium-Item Reports Deadline Nears for Property Tax Appeals in Wayne County

From the Richmond Palladium-Item:

Wayne County property owners have until Monday to appeal their property assessments.

Property owners must either file the appeal in person by the deadline or have it postmarked by that date, Wayne County Assessor Mike Statzer said. Assessed property values are important because they’re part of the equation which determines property tax bills.

Wayne County’s property assessment statements, known as Form 11s, were mailed to property owners on Aug. 2. Taxpayers have 45 days from the mailing date to appeal if they disagree with the property values, Statzer said.

“If an owner thinks there’s an error, they may come in and talk to us before filing a formal appeal,” Statzer said. “Often it’s an error and we can correct it. We’ve done a lot of that.”

As of Wednesday, the Wayne County Assessor’s Office had received about 300 formal appeals, Statzer said. That number is about normal for a year in which there is no general re-assessment, he said.

“After a general re-assessment, which was done last year, we had 1,500 appeals,” Statzer said.

During a general re-assessment, assessors are to physically inspect all properties, Statzer said. Annual re-assessments are done by looking at sales trends of comparable properties for the previous year, Statzer said.

Assessments are either raised, lowered or remain unchanged, based on the trending in the market area, Statzer said.


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