Monday, September 16, 2013

Times Reports Assessments Remain Down in Porter County

From the Northwest Indiana Times:

Property assessments continue to remain down across the county, with the exception of higher priced homes, according to Porter County Assessor Jon Snyder.

"It's not roaring back like everyone wants," he said.

The news could mean less revenue for county officials, who already struggle to cover the bills for routine operational costs and big ticket items.

Individual property assessments are expected to be mailed out Friday, which is a week earlier than last year, Snyder said.

"We're improving every year," he said.

Those who feel their properties have been over-assessed will have 45 days to file an appeal, he said.

The only assessment still in the works and not ready to be mailed out later this week is for the new Porter hospital building at U.S. 6 and Ind. 49, Snyder said. The hospital has complied with a court order to turn over documents Snyder has argued are needed to complete the assessment, but he said there was so much information provided that it will take a while to determine if everything is included.

Snyder said he is prepared for the next round of appeals. Since taking office at the start of 2011, he has succeeded in reducing the number of pending appeals from 7,038 to less than 150. All the remaining appeals are from 2012.

In a related matter, Porter County Auditor Bob Wichlinski said just more than 5,300 corrected property tax bills were sent out in the area of the Duneland School Corp.

The original bills had used the additional revenue collected from the school corporation's successful tax increase referendum to push the overall amount to the tax caps, he said. The revenue from the referendum is outside the tax cap.

The software glitch impacted Porter County and three other counties, Wichlinski said.