Thursday, April 10, 2014

Board Hires Two New ALJs


Indiana Board of Tax Review
100 North Senate Avenue, Room N-1026 
Indianapolis, IN 46204

Telephone:  (317) 232-3786Fax:  (317) 234-5589

For general questions or information, email:

The Board is located on the 10th floor in the Indiana Government Center North Building. 

The Board:
Betsy J. Brand
Jonathan R. Elrod
Ted J. Holaday

Senior Administrative Law Judges: 
Tom Martindale
David Pardo
Elizabeth Rogers 

Administrative Law Judges:
Jennifer Bippus
Jaime Harris
Andrew Howell
Patti Kindler
Dalene McMillen
Gary Ricks
Joe Stanford
Paul Stultz
Ellen Yuhan

Operations Director:
Beth Hammer

Appeals Coordinator: Jane Chrisman

Administrative Assistants: 
Nickie Brewer
Nancy Sparks

Ethics Officer:
Tom Martindale