Monday, April 28, 2014

News and Tribune Reports Clark County Assessor Puts Property Tax Records On Line

From the Clark County News and Tribune:

The Clark County assessor has posted the property record cards for all properties online, and hopes the convenience reduces reliance on in-person visits to the physical office.

The old property report cards that were previously available online listed assessment adjustments and some basic information, but the property record cards provide more detail, said Assessor Vicky Kent Haire.

“[The report card] is not as detailed,” Kent Haire said. “[The new record] is the actual card that we use in the office. This is the official property record card.”

The property record card can be viewed at or on the Clark County Government website at It is free to access and print the card at either website, Kent Haire said.

Old records are still displayed on the county’s geographic information systems website. Thirty-nine Degrees North, the company that administers the county’s GIS website, is in the process of replacing the less detailed records with the property record cards, Kent Haire said.

The county’s online vendors have all agreed to display the detailed records at no additional cost, Kent Haire said.

“That should be really helpful to people,” Kent Haire said. “There’s a lot of good information there to be had.”

The information available now includes tax rates, market factors and ratios, actual lot sizes, improvements and notes that would show if any appeals were filed on a property, any adjustments made and why.

Maintaining the records online has already reduced the number of visitors to the assessor’s office, Kent Haire said. She estimates that putting the more detailed records online could shave the number of future visitors by an additional 10 to 15 percent.