Friday, April 18, 2014

Times Reports Porter County Hospital Again Challenges its Assessment

From the Northwest Indiana Times:

Porter Regional Hospital is again challenging the assessed value of its new its new building and nearby medical office building.
The hospital has filed a petition with the Indiana Board of Tax Review claiming the buildings at Ind. 49 and U.S. 6 should be valued at $39.3 million for March 1, 2013, as compared to $244.5 million placed on it by the Porter County Property Tax Assessment Board of Appeals.
The hospital, through its representative Uzelac & Associates, claims the county's assessment was not based the "true tax value" as defined by the assessment manual and assessment guidelines.
"Assessments developed by methods not prescribed by the Indiana Assessment Manual and Guidelines do not carry the presumptions of correctness," according to the petition.
The hospital also claims the assessment is not uniform with similar properties.
An attempt Thursday to secure comment from the hospital was unsuccessful.
This is the second petition for review filed by the hospital. The business is also challenging the assessment from the year prior, claiming the buildings should be valued at $34.2 million for March 1, 2012, as compared to the $117 million placed on it by the PTABOA.
This latter value represent the period just before the new hospital opened in August 2012. The PTBOA determined the the new hospital was 90 percent complete.
The hospital lost the first round of appeals for both years before the PTABOA. The 2012 appeal resulted in the county increasing the assessed value.