Thursday, April 17, 2014

DLGF Publishes 2013 Delinquency Reports and Calculation of Levy Excess


TO:                 County Auditors

FROM:           Courtney Schaafsma, Budget Division Director

RE:                  2013 Delinquency Reports and Calculation of Levy Excess

DATE:            April 16, 2014

Delinquency reports must be submitted for the Department of Local Government Finance (“Department”) to calculate Levy Excess for the 2014 pay 2015 tax year.

Attached is a form requesting the amount of delinquency paid to each taxing district. The form has been pre-populated with the taxing districts for each county for the pay 2013 tax year. You may use the drop-down arrow by County or County Name to filter the data so only your county is displayed. 

The Department is requesting delinquency amounts collected and PAID to each district in 2013. Please do not include penalties. Please call your vendor if assistance is needed to extract this data.

Please disregard this message if delinquency amounts collected and paid to each district in 2013 have been submitted to the Department.

Forward the completed form via e-mail to Neil Broshears, Budget Data Specialist,

If you have any questions, please contact Neil Broshears at (317) 234-8610