Saturday, August 31, 2013

Star Reports Indianapolis' Council Democrats Vote Against Mayor's Neighborhood Improvements Proposal

From the Indianapolis Star:

City-County Council Democrats on Thursday rejected two big public works proposals from Mayor Greg Ballard’s administration.

One would extend Indianapolis’ massive road-and-sidewalks initiative by borrowing $135 million to $150 million for projects over the next three years. The ­other would raise money for $320 million in storm drainage improvements across the city in the next 20 years by adjusting the storm water fees paid by property owners, with most paying more than they do now.

The Public Works Committee voted 5-2, along party lines, against sending both proposals to the full council, effectively halting them.

Those defeats delivered a blow to the Republican mayor and caught some city officials by surprise.

“Democrats on the City-County Council turned their backs on every neighborhood in Indianapolis,” Ballard said in a written statement. “By placing politics ahead of the best interests of the community, they rejected a plan that would have provided sidewalks in many of our neighborhoods, repaved every one of our worst streets, made our bridges safer and fixed flooding problems in some of our poorest neighborhoods.”

But Democrats said it was a reluctance to borrow so much money for immediate projects that led them to vote against the roadwork bonds.

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